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Charlene Norris

Office Manager

Charlene joined the CI family in 2015 as the office manager and is originally from South Africa. Her role is varied and dynamic and incorporates accounts payable/receivable, front of house and reception, executive assistant and social club manager. Prior to joining us, her career was embedded in NZ Police and Emergency Services. Needless to say, this environment saw a great deal of conflict and stressful situations that required a calm head and quick implementing of practical solutions. Merging these previous experiences into her new role, Charlene has been able to quickly migrate her skillsets into Construct Interiors. Affectionately known as “Charl”, she is generally the first voice you hear and face you see when you contact us and she will go out of her way to make you feel awesome. She is personable and easy to communicate with. She goes beyond her role to ensure your needs are met in the most efficient manner possible. If you have a question, she will direct you to the right person the first time around. She also ensures that the company culture is maintained and never forgotten. Charlene is a mum of two and enjoys fitness and all types of outdoor-zee activities. She is personable and friendly and her only commitment issue at present is her “hair” colour. She’s not hard to miss or forget so when you arrive at the office, look for the most outrageous hair colour and head in that direction, she’s ‘hair’ to assist!

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