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Mataio Walsh

Quantity Surveyor

Mataio joined the CI family in 2018 and is a true blue Kiwi lad. Prior to joining our team, he was involved in a number of industry sectors that taught him valuable lessons in communication, organization and creative problem solving. Mataio is analytical, methodical and dedicated. He brings energy and enthusiasm to our business and his role. Mataio is a dedicated company man and has embraced the company culture with open arms. For someone as young as he is, he upholds and old school work ethos. He is first to arrive and last to leave. His word is his bond. He under promises and over delivers. He is honest to a tee and loyal to the end. In a nutshell, he is a salt of the earth gentleman and all round good guy. He does have a dark side though. Being of Rarotongan decent this once would be and self-proclaimed “Hip Hop” master also plays ice hockey and loves to party. You can find in the cluuuuub throwing his 50c D moves on the D floor!

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