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Matt Turnwald

Projects Manager

Matt joined the CI family in 2016 and hales from Christchurch. As a project manager, he delivers high value, complex and challenging projects for the company. Irrespective of the stressful environment he is found in, you will always see Matt smiling and ready to help. He is well loved by the subcontractors and suppliers he leads because he cares and affords them the time the warrant when things get a little difficult or stressful. He is thorough and methodical in all his dealings and works systematically to get things done. You can rely on Matt to see your project through to the finish line. Matty is an avid classic car “freak”! He loves these restored rustbuckets and it seemingly gives him the greatest pleasure. Don’t get his started about them during working hours…it won’t pan out well for you if you need to get stuff done. He is also a committed husband and dad so he understands what’s important and what’s not. Matty is an all-around good guy that simply wants the best outcomes for you and your projects.

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+64 9 486 1177