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Ryan Norris

Operations Manager

Ryan joined the CI family in 2008 and originates from South Africa. Starting off as a labourer on site he demonstrated incredible intelligence and intuition that saw him promoted to cadet site manager in a short space of time. Working closely with his managing director he quickly developed a strong aptitude for management of people and projects. He then moved to the head office and quickly took control of the tenders and procurement department before landing his ideal role as the Operations Manager. In a nutshell, Ryan is the projects “fishnet” that catches anything and everything that falls through the cracks. He places a strong focus on quality, programming, health & safety and methodologies. He protects the wellbeing of our projects, our clients, our staff and our subcontractors through timely and constant reminders of our project objectives, programme commitments and Key Performance Indicators. Ryan has an old school philosophy and approach to construction which sees us right time and time again. Ryan is also one of New Zealand’s best drummers and has held a prolific drumming career for some of New Zealand’s premier bands and artists. His latest accolade includes being a recipient of the prestigious New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards. Ryan also professes to be a professional snowboarder and travels the world regularly seeking out the perfect powder drop! Another of Ryan’s distinctive calling cards is his ‘hairdo’…if you see him, you will never forget him so keep a look out for our “Fresh Prince of Takapuna…AKA Ops Manager. He has a quirky sense of style and is a trendsetter by every definition of the word. He makes your project life fun, memorable and easy and keeps you tapping to his beat from beginning to end.

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