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Sheldon De Sousa

Senior Site Manager

Sheldon joined the CI family in 2017 after making the courageous decision to migrate his family from South Africa to New Zealand. Sheldon has extensive construction management experience and over 10 years of Project and Operations experience. He qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a double major in Industrial Psychology and Economics. He is a method man and driven by facts. You will need to get up pretty early to try and “pull one over” Sheldon. He has worked on some of South Africa’s largest and most iconic structures. His people skills, management skills and experience have aided him in transitioning into the ‘Kiwi Way’. Sheldon genuinely loves the industry and the people he interacts with. He always makes time to ask how you are and how he can make your day a little better. Sheldon is a dedicated husband and father and loves his golf. Unfortunately, with his present project commitments, little time can be afforded to the maintenance of his golf handicap nor the awful “Noahs Ark” beard that he now sports. Take time out to get to know this guy if you’re ever on his site. He will make you feel like the most important person in this world.

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+642 7582 1589